Info About the Private Clash Royale Server

Private Clash Royale Server

In the online platform, you can get accessed to various games. But, private Clash Royale server is the most popular. This is an application which is unique and it is coupled with the Google android operating system.

When you join this private server, you will feel satisfied since you will have unlimited gems and coins. As mentioned above. The game is not only online but it is updated. Nevertheless, it is run flawlessly on any android device.

This is exactly similar to the real game as you will have real time battle. The server is also very strong. Hence, it is the same as the Clash of Clan’s private server.

Private Clash Royale Server

Therefore, you will be able to enjoy with your friends as you troll around. Apart from the brief description highlighted, the following are useful information about the server;

Features of the private Clash Royale server

Before being part of this game, it is important to first know its features:

  • You will have unlimited gems and coins
  • The chest for opening is unlimited
  • Since it is similar to an original server, it has clans
  • The elixir which you get will never require to regenerate
  • You will be able tot buy all the cards which you need
  • You can engage your friend in a friendly battle only if your are in the same clan
  • The working of the Clash Royale serveur privé APK is similar to the official Royale server

How to use the private Clash Royale server on Android?

The following are simple steps which can enable you to use the server on android with ease:

  1. The Clash Royale server is downloaded from the website
  2. When the download is through, the file is install and opened
  3. You will then be asked for the root permission of which you can just allow it
  4. The Clash Royale will start opening up. Consequently, the loading screen will change.

The private Clash Royale server on jailbreak (iOS)

For you to connect the Clash Royale servers, you require the ios Xmod Clash Royale. This will require the iDevice to be jail-broken as the cyndia for the installation of the Xmod’s ios.

The following simple steps should be followed in order to get the clash’s Royale Xmod for the device:

The initial step is to open the cyndia. Consequently, go to the source and click Edit. Nevertheless, tap on: add. Thereafter, enter: and click on: add source.

The second last step is to get assessed to Xmodgames and install it. Finally, look for the Clash Royale and download the IPA modded Clash Royale.


The Clash Royale server highlighted is beneficial to you as you will enjoy the game when you play it. This is because it is very easier for you when switching between the servers.

Moreover, you will be able to like the clans as well as battling your colleagues in the private servers and any other players in the Clash Royale server.

Unlike different types of servers, the Clash Royale have updates when there are new troops who are entering the arena. Therefore, the game is of great significance to everyone.