More than just a fund…
helping to accelerate Growth in the Games Industry


GameOn is an early-stage investment programme that is here to accelerate growth in one of the fastest growing media sectors worldwide – the online and mobile games industry. We are a group of successful, passionate entrepreneurs – with over 50 years of experience in the games industry – who will identify, support and invest in the most exciting and innovative game companies.

Helping to build successful Games Companies

We want to invest time, money and effort in ambitious people who want to build a company, execute a vision and drive exponential growth that delivers a return of investment for themselves and their investors. We would like to hear from teams that can show an understanding of cost-effective methods to scale quickly without the need for large investments in marketing.

The GameOn Partners bring together 50 years of experience in the Games Industry and offer an extensive worldwide network where our portfolio companies will benefit from our own personal knowledge and expertise.

Why we are here

It is important to stress that we are not here to provide funding only to game developers but central to GameOn´s strategy is that through its network we will be there to help the entrepreneur all the way from paper to product and to help them build a scaleable business.

What we care about



-> Early-stage F2P online, mobile or cross-platform game developers (preference given to those who want to self-publish)
-> Early-stage game services or platform providers to the games industry
-> Teams where some or all of the Founders have a track record
-> Companies should be looking for a seed investment round of €100-200k